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Sound bath

This musical performance is known under different names, such as sound baths, sound meditation or sound massages. All terms refer to an experience where attendants are exposed to certain sounds/sound waves. A variety of instruments produce sounds, including gongs, singing bowls, percussion, bells, rattles, tuning forks, and the human voice. Sound baths have a beneficial effect on the body and mind of an individual.

The sound bath took place in Slovenia, 2019.

Cooperation: Alja Petric, Association Divja.


Sound recordings

Audio recordings of music performers in selected locations in Slovenia and beyond. The collection of recordings is called Spaces.

The activities have been carried out since 2018.

Cooperation: Murmur Institute.



Workshop - classical and tuina massage for beginners.

The workshop took place in Slovenia, 2019.

Cooperation: Association Divja.

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